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Tyler: The Original “High School Fat Ass”

I was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan, and I was bullied everyday of my life for being a “fat ass.”

My childhood consisted of a friend deficiency and a Swiss Cake Roll surplus. I couldn’t control what I ate. My mother showed love with food instead of words and I thought if I told her I didn’t want 2 cheeseburgers and a 20-piece nugget everyday after school, it was like saying I didn’t love her back.

I didn’t even know I was a “fat ass” until one day in 3rd grade when a bunch of kids said, “Hey look at Tyler, he’s a fat ass!” Then the same thing happened in 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, you get the idea…

It wasn’t until high school until I really got it bad. Kids think by bullying the fat kid it helps them become one of the “cool kids.” They were right, they had all the friends they wanted and they sat at the “cool kid” lunch tables. I didn’t have any friends, and I ate lunch in the bathroom so no one would make fun of me. Some days if I didn’t cry AT school, I definitely cried on the bus. The school bus is the absolute worst place to be when you’re a fat ass. Kids will say or do anything they want to you because on the bus there’s  no supervision, no rules, and nowhere to hide.

After a failed suicide attempt my junior year of overdosing on a butt-load of medication I thought only one thing, If I’m still alive there must be a reason for it. There’s no reason to let those bullies win. I’m in a fight and I need to make a change.

Over the course of 8 months I worked my ass off (literally) and lost over 100 pounds. When I returned to school the next fall no one recognized me. I was like the new and mysterious new kid. All of a sudden kids were talking TO me instead of ABOUT me. I was getting invited to parties and football games instead of sitting at home and playing video games. In the lunch line I didn’t get laughed at for how many mashed potatoes I put on my plate. And I didn’t get stared at by the whole class whenever the room smelled like a fart. I realized people’s attitudes change on a person just based on how they look, and it sucks. The very few friends I had before are my only friends I have now, because I can’t trust anyone else. I never did end up going to the parties, homecomings or prom’s, but since I no longer got bullied I could finally end a school day with a smile on my face . Oh, and best of all, people actually called me Tyler, instead of fat ass.

I am now a Certified Fitness Trainer specializing in preventing teenage obesity.

My goal is to make a difference in this world by using this website as a public forum for people to share thier stories and to bring knowledge and awareness of our bullying issues. It’s also for the people out there who like me, just needed somebody to talk to.

I saved my journal from high school that I wrote in everyday. It’s an uncensored look at everything that really goes on in the life of a teenage “fat ass” including the bullying, fights, tears, love, brushes with death and ending with what I did to finally lose weight and how it not only changed me, but my outlook on the rest of the world.
I am currently shopping it around with a dream of getting it published to not only raise awareness, but for people, especially parents and overweight children to understand what it’s really like being the “high school fat ass.”


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